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Terms & Conditions of Hire

In regard to the following Terms and Conditions, Bouncyvibe Party Hire LTD shall be referred to as “the company/supplier” and the prospective client wishing to hire equipment or structures shall be referred to as “the hirer/Contractor”.

1. Price & Payment Payment should be made as follows, in Cash, Cheque or bacs any deposits should be paid on initial order. Balance should be paid 14 days prior to hire date (this amount is non-refundable and binding due to closeness of hire).

2. Damage Waiver The Hirer in event of a claim will be responsible for the first £250 of any claim. The company has full public liability cover of £5 million. Security of unattended equipment is the full responsibility of the hirer especially if the site is not the hirers land, we strongly advise that the hirer arranges security for the duration of the hire as losses will not be covered by the company insurance.

3. Underground Services It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide the company with the location of any underground services (gas, water, electricity etc) that could be damaged by equipment fixing spikes. The hirer will be responsible for any costs associated with the repair to unmarked services and associated costs relating to their interruption resulting from not being identified to the company.

4. Weather (Outdoor Events) If extreme weather is forecast during the hire period we have the right to decline the erection and use of the equipment. This is for the safety of all concerned. Hirers will be liable for the full hire fee therefore must be aware of this possibility especially during the winter months. Additional insurance is available at the hirer’s request, which will cover the cost of cancellation site changes etc (please ask for details).

5. Damage Any equipment found damaged or missing during the hire period will be repaired or replaced at the hirer’s expense. This will include any fire extinguishers which are found to have been discharged or are missing. Replacement / refill costs will be charged to the hirer.

6. Marquee Structure (Marquee Equipment) When a marquee has been erected and all exits or openings agreed, this should not be altered or tampered with in any way as this may render the structure unsafe. No items or objects should be stuck to, fixed or suspended from the marquee structure or walls. If tape or pins are used, a charge will be levied for cleaning any residue.

7. Flooring or Ground It is expected that if flooring is ordered the ground will be suitably flat to accommodate the type of floor used. The company cannot be held responsible for any uneven finish to the floor caused by pitting or bumps on the surface beneath. The hirer should arrange to level surfaces as much as possible prior to equipment erection. Grass surfaces must be cut short and the hirer prior to erection of the equipment must remove all debris including fouling by dogs.

8. Safety For the safety of all concerned, the hirer may not enter or assist during erection. The company cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage sustained by the public in or around any equipment during the hire period.

9. Furniture The company will place all furniture inside the completed marquee or room. It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange the layout of tables and chairs etc. The hirer must ensure that tables and chairs are folded and returned to the delivery area and are stacked for collection following use. A charge will be levied to the hirer for non-compliance in this instance. All furniture will be counted in and out with any shortages charged to the hirer, an additional charge can be paid for layout,

10. Hirer’s Responsibility The hirer is responsible for signing a completed safety checklist after consultation with a company representative once the equipment has been installed. The hirer will not use cooking equipment, lighting or electrical appliances in or around or decorate any equipment without prior consent from the company.

10. Force Majeure While every effort will be made by the company to carry out any order accepted, the full performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation by the company consequent upon acts of god, war, strikes, riots, lockouts or any other disturbances. Fire, flood, storm, gale or tempest restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power. Requisitioning storage of material or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of the company.

11. Setup and take down times, The Contractor will allow the Supplier sufficient time for his/her equipment to be set up and at the completion of the performance, sufficient time to dismantle and remove the equipment from the venue.

12. Power Supply The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that an adequate power supply and lighting is available in the close vicinity of the Suppliers equipment. One 13 amp socket is required for each item hired. (Generators, Petrol Blowers and Floodlights are available but must be specified beforehand and a price agreed

13. Supervision & Security The Contractor will provide adequate supervision of all guests and/or customers and/or staff at the venue and will be liable for any damage to the Suppliers equipment caused by guests, customers or staff.

14. Payment The contractor shall pay the company as agreed and payment shall be cleared before any equipment shall be left, Payment on delivery is deamed as being on arrival and any delay in payment may result in the setup of equipment being delayed and the start time being later

15. Liability The Company will not accept liability for the following: (a) Delay or non-delivery due to grass sites that have not been cut, or the site being unsuitable or non-accessible. (b) Late or non-delivery due to war, riots, strikes or industrial disputes. (c) Late or non-delivery due to adverse wind or weather conditions. (d) Injury to persons or property during the period. (e) Problems due to not obtaining appropriate permission from public or local authorities. (f) Loss or damage to equipment due to fire, flood or accident. (g) Late or non-delivery due to any cause out with the company’s control. The hirer shall not be entitled to withhold any amount of payment under the contract due to any claims or disputes due to defective service or any other alleged breach of contract.